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I’ve read a lot of photography books over the years, and I also follow several different photography blogs. There is so much to learn about photography. And, learning photography is a process. It takes a lot of practice which is true of any profession or hobby. A lot of people enjoy taking pictures, and they want to take better pictures. Yet they don’t want to make it their profession, and they aren’t necessarily interested in making it a hobby. So, how do you take a better picture? You don’t need an expensive camera, because it won’t necessarily make your pictures any better without some knowledge of basic photography principles. An expensive stove won’t make a delicious meal without a recipe or some culinary skills, and an expensive pair of running shoes won’t help you win a marathon without lots of hard work and training. My advice for better pictures? Where do you start? Learn the basics of composition and take lots of pictures to practice, practice, practice. I think this makes all the difference in taking pictures. Then, if you want to take it to the next level, my advice is to read your manual to learn what all those settings on your camera, and learn to take pictures without using your flash. One of my favorite books is Mamarazzi by Stacy Wasmuth. This book is geared toward taking pictures of your children, but she covers everything from cameras, posing, lighting, location, composition, and so much more. She gives you the basics, and you can always do more reading and research on any one of the things that she covers in the book.

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