A Beautiful Fall Day & A Beautiful High School Senior | Southern York County Senior Photographer

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If you follow me, you know that my passion is photographing newborns and families.  Even though I enjoy many types of photography, I like focusing on one type of photography for business purposes.  It allows me to excel in that area and it is the type of photography that I most enjoy from start to finish.  The basics of photography are there for all types, but every type of photography has little tricks of the trade from the act of taking the pictures to editing the pictures.  There is even specific marketing for different types of photography.  If I had to pick my next favorite type of photography, it would be seniors.  I don’t market to seniors, but I would never say no to a senior session (especially for one of my friend’s children.)  Here are some pictures from my last senior session that I did in the midst of all the family sessions in the beautiful month of October . . . the colors and lighting were perfect.


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