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I love when I get to be creative with a session.  When this little guy’s parents came for a pre-consultation session at the studio I was talking with his dad who said he was a cartographer.  What a cool job.  He said he could make a map to use as a backdrop for one of the pictures.  As soon as he said that to me . . . my mind started thinking about all the different ways I could incorporate the map into the session.  I could use it as a standard backdrop, or I could put it on the floor to shoot from above.  I was super excited.  It was fun because I felt that between the parents and myself we were going to creative something totally unique and personal for their little bundle of joy.  I’m not going to say that I am the first photographer who has ever photographed a newborn using a map as a backdrop, because I think that just about everything has been done in newborn photography (whether a not it was a good idea or not).  But, it isn’t something I’ve seen yet, so that makes me excited, and at the very least, it isn’t something you see very often.

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