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Easter Eggs

There are so many things in life that require our time and energy.  There is no possible way to do it all.  So, we must pick and choose what is important to us.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the other things aren’t important to us, it’s just that somethings are just more important.  There is no right or wrong way .  I do crafty Martha Stewart type things because I want to do them.   I do not feel the societal pressures to do them and I am not showing off.  Okay, I may be showing off just a little bit.  But, here is the thing . . . I am not getting a new tattoo, I can’t sew or knit, I can’t run a marathon, and I don’t do Crossfit.  I think I am allowed to show off my latest creation with my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

This week I naturally dyed some Easter eggs.  My kids have never been much about dying Easter eggs.  Now that they are older I asked them if they wanted to do it because I thought it might be fun do some naturally dyed eggs.  They were okay with it.  They were intrigued and asked lots of questions, but they didn’t really care about being part of the process.  Sometimes I have been known to strongly encourage my children to do things that I think they should do because that is what kids do.  Why?  If they don’t enjoy it I shouldn’t force them to do it.  It keeps life just a little bit happier and a little bit less crazy.   It wasn’t difficult, but it was a little time consuming.  I can’t explain what it was about the process that was so much fun for me and I loved the outcome.  It is kind of like store bought cookies are good, but homemade cookies are even better.  Maybe its the love that goes into it.

Happy Easter!!


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