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It was just two weeks ago.

It was the anticipation and excitement of waiting for one friend to give birth.  And then, it was the relief and happiness to know that a beautiful little girl had arrived safely.  A very healthy, beautiful little girl.  It was rearranging the day’s schedule to go meet her and take pictures of her and congratulate her parents.  It was such happiness to meet a new life that was introduced to the world.

Then a couple days later, it was the heart-wrenching news that one of my good friends had lost her husband unexpectedly.  The sadness was so overwhelming.  I was sad that a man who I considered to be a friend was taken from this world, but my heart was aching for my good friend.  She is now a widow, and their children no longer have a father here on earth.   Time may heal all wounds, but the scars will always be there.  It is so incredibly sad.  I don’t really know how else to say it.   One of my friends said it so well, there are no words or enough hugs to take away the pain.

It was just one week ago.

Both of these friends told me how thankful they were to have had a session with recent pictures, but for very different reasons.  Sometimes, I don’t think I stop to think about what my pictures mean to other people.  I mean . . . I am just taking a picture, right? Nope.  I am doing so much more than just taking a picture.  I work very hard to try to capture personalities and genuine smiles.  I work very had to capture the emotions and connections in relationships.  Sometimes, it is easier said than done.  I may not find a cure for cancer or find a solution for world hunger, but I think I finally realize that what I do is important.  Because what I do is to capture life.  To capture a moment in time, a milestone, a memory.

Welcome to this big beautiful world little girl!  Sometimes it will knock you down, and sometimes is will break heart.  But is also has amazing triumphs and milestones.  It is filled with more love than hate even though sometimes it will make you wonder.  I hope you take the time to smell the roses.  I hope you remember that rainstorms bring blooming flowers, green grass and rainbows.  I hope you know that in the darkness of night that there are still stars, and every darkness has a dawn.  I wish for you a nurturing soul, and a forgiving heart.  I hope that leave people better than you found them.  I wish you love & I wish you happiness.

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