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When I met this family for the first time, I instantly knew I was going to love them.  We all pray that we have a healthy baby, but the reality is that not all babies will be healthy.   Unfortunately, this little girl had a rough start to her little life, but she was blessed with some awesome parents.  I can’t imagine everything her parents had to deal with and how many emotions that they’ve experienced.  I am sure that this past year has gone so quickly for them because of everything they’ve had to do, but I am sure that there are times that it has felt like a lifetime as well.  And now here they are celebrating her first birthday.  Planning a first birthday is so much fun. But I imagine that planning a first birthday for your little girl who  faced a year filled with hospitals and doctors and a different set of milestones than most babies, the celebration of a first birthday is a much more emotional experience and one of great celebration for very different reasons.  She is one . . . one beautiful little, one awesome little girl, one loved little girl.  She is ONE!

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