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You probably think I am going to talk about real estate, but I am going to talk about picking the best location for a session done outdoors.  A little bit ago, I had a client who told me she loved sun-drenched pictures.  We picked a location and a time for the session.  The start time of the session was a little bit later in the morning than I would prefer, but she said she loved sun-drenched pictures, so I wasn’t too concerned.  Some of my favorite pictures in her gallery were the sun-drenched, soft and dreamy pictures.  A few of them had a little bit of sun flare, too.  She didn’t like those pictures at all.  She even asked me to edit out the sun flare.  I took a few lessons away from that session.  It’s all about learning and improving, right?

This is hands down one of my favorite locations.  When I started out years ago, I never ran into anyone at this location.  But, the word is out and I see more and more photographers using this location.  Can’t blame them.  It has a little bit of everything.

Family 29

Picking a location is one of the most important things when planning the session.  If you pick a location because it has special meaning to you, you need to consider the time of day and the time of year you are doing your session to make the most of your session.  There are some locations that I prefer to shoot in the morning and there are some locations that I prefer to shoot in the evening.  There are some locations that make better Spring/Summer locations and some that make better Fall locations.  Do you like wooded locations?  How about an open field?  Or, what about a playground because your kids just aren’t the kind of kids who like to sit still and are on the go?  What about a place that has a pond or stream?  Do you need to pick a location that works with your kid’s schedule?  Do you prefer mornings or evenings?  Ideally, outdoor sessions are best done within 2 hours of sunrise and 2 hours before sunset.  Do you need a place with fewer distractions?  I love shooting during the Fall, but that can also be tricky.  I often will tell clients that even though a location may be picturesque, it doesn’t necessarily make it an ideal location for a portrait session.  I know it sounds like a lot to consider, but I’ll do my best to help you pick the ideal spot.

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