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So, we’ve figured out the awesome location for your session.  The next question asked is “What should we wear?” Ugh!  It is fun for some and scary for others.  

Here are some guidelines I will share with you, but there are no hard and fast rules.  Pick a color palette or color combination.  Your son has a plaid shirt that you love?  Pick the colors from that shirt to pick out colors for everyone else.  I usually tell people to avoid white shirts or black shirts for everyone; however I love the black, gray, white combination.  Do you Love the color blue?  How about everyone wears a different shade of blue? Navy, baby blue, white, blue and white stripe . . . and maybe a pop of some color?  Whatever you decide, wear something that makes you feel good and you find comfortable in because it will show through in your pictures.  

Need a little more help? I love Pinterest for clothing and color combinations.  I have created a Pinterest Board to share with you with some clothing inspiration, you should check it out.

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