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And Baby Makes Three | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn & Family Photographer

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This family came to me when their little guy was exactly 2 months old.  Sometimes photographing a baby who is 2 months old can have it’s limitations.  Their arms still have a mind of their own and sometimes they aren’t quite focused on you.  This little guy was great.  He didn’t give us lots of smiles, but he was pretty chill and he focused right on me most of the time.  I love the color choices for the session.  It is a great example of how outfits go together without being matchy, matchy.  And, even though they had great smiles . . . most of my favorite pictures are the more intimate ones where they aren’t looking at the camera.

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Happy 1st Birthday | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I love this little guy!  He has soooo much personality.  Most of my one year old sessions include a cake smashing, but we just did a regular session with several outfit changes.  Each outfit was a cute as the first one.  This mom one very well dressed man.  It was fun to commemorate his big milestone.  He is so incredibly cute!

bday 2 King of the Jungle 01 Leo 02 Wagon 02

Sitting Pretty | Southern York County Family Photographer

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I love photographing babies that are 6-8 months old who are sitting up.  It can sometimes be tricky because you often only have so much of an attention span depending on the baby.   This little girl was so happy and easy going.  We did several outfits and a couple different set-ups for her.  I love her on her belly with the tutu!

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Merry Christmas, Baby | Southern York County Pennsylvania Family Photographer

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!  Look at this little bundle of chunky-licious of jolly.  She is only 4 months, and I have already photographed her 4 times!  We did her newborn session in the studio, a newborn lifestyle session at the home with the family, a family session in the Fall, and her first Christmas session!  I hope she comes back to see me again, soon.  Otherwise, I am going to miss her!

Molly Christmas 02 Molly Green Couch 01 Molly Red Dress 02

Sharp Dressed 2 Year Old Lil’ Man | Southern York County Family Photographer

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I think photographing toddlers and preschoolers is a challenging task.  They are so incredibly cute, but they are often uncooperative.  Some will allow their parents to offer encouragements and rewards (aka bribes of candy and toys.)  It can be somewhat limiting when you are doing a studio session.  Sometimes, it is easier when they can be outside to explore, but we don’t live in one of those climate that is conducive to outdoor session in February.  I must say that this little guy did well for his session.  I know he probably had a lot more smiles, but he wasn’t sharing a lot of them with me . . . maybe next time.  I thought he was one sharp dressed lil’ man.

Sweet Baby Boy | Southern York County Family Photographer

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This little boy was so incredibly sweet.  He was anxious to make it into this big, beautiful world and he was 6 weeks premature.  With so much going on, he missed his window for some of the more traditional newborn pictures.  But no worries.  He is 2 months old and so incredibly cute (and healthy.)  We tried very hard to do some of the more traditional newborn poses, and these are just a few of the pictures we were able to capture.

Cake Smashin’ Cutie

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I love this little guy, but he really isn’t all that little. I have loved photographing him this past year- his newborn session, his 6 months/first Christmas session, and now his 1 year session. As far as cake smashing sessions, they are pretty unpredictable. Some babies jump right in, and others need to be persuaded to smash the cake and get into it. This little guy wasn’t quite sure what to think about it, but after a little coaxing he got into it. Although when he was done, he was done! This little guy loves the beach, so I added a little personal touch to his cake. Check out the cute little fish on his cake.

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