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Extended Family Session @ the Mill | Southern York County Pennsyvlania Newborn & Family Photographer

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I am always nervous when I send a gallery off to people who I know personally.  I am always worried that they won’t like the pictures or they will be disappointed.  I hope that this family loves this gallery.  We were able to get this session done in between rain showers.  I’d like to say it was all part of my master plan, but it was sheer luck.  We did bump up the time a little bit earlier but that just meant that I had to shoot from different angles to avoid the harsh sunlight.  I love the colors that they picked for their session.  And, some of my favorite pictures are the perfectly imperfect pictures as usual.

Cole 01 D1Cousins 02 D3 Ella 02 Family 01D2 Family 01BW Family 03 Family 07 Family 12D4 Grandkids 01D5

And Baby Makes Three | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn & Family Photographer

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This family came to me when their little guy was exactly 2 months old.  Sometimes photographing a baby who is 2 months old can have it’s limitations.  Their arms still have a mind of their own and sometimes they aren’t quite focused on you.  This little guy was great.  He didn’t give us lots of smiles, but he was pretty chill and he focused right on me most of the time.  I love the color choices for the session.  It is a great example of how outfits go together without being matchy, matchy.  And, even though they had great smiles . . . most of my favorite pictures are the more intimate ones where they aren’t looking at the camera.

Blog Deno 2  Family 03 Family 10Blog Deno 3 Family 12 Family 22BW Mommy & Me 01

Black & White Family Newborn Love | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I have been in the studio for almost 6 months.  The extra space is wonderful.  Do you know what else is wonderful?  I don’t really need to use a lot of big, expensive backdrops to create the pictures I want for my families.  I am in love with using the natural light from the windows and the soft off-white, creamy walls.  I love the beautiful hardwood floors.  Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of character within the space that some people may see as flaws, but I think it just lends itself to the uniqueness and beauty.  There is something beautiful, and not to be cheesy, but poetic about photographing a newborn in a 200 year old building.  And, I have something unique that I am offering to my clients.  And generally, I love to photograph my newborns in color, but I LOVE black and white pictures of my newborn families (and maternity, too.)  I don’t know what it is about black and white.  There is just some kind of timeless & simple emotion it evokes.

Cream Basket 01BW Family 01BW Family 02BW Family 03BW Family 06BW Family 07BW Mommy & Me 02BW

Extended Family Session | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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When one of my clients contacted me to ask if I would be willing to do a session with the cousins, I knew what I was getting myself into with the session.  She was very clear that the session would be with 6 kids ages 2 and under with the youngest one only one month old.  I knew it would be a challenge, but I was up for it.  The goal was one good picture with all of them, and I suggested we also try to do some groupings and individual pictures, too.  For the most part, I think it went well even though we did have to execute plan B and plan C in some picture set-ups.  I think we were able to accomplish quite a bit that day including one good picture with all of them (and it was literally one good picture in the 2 dozen pictures that we took of the group!)

Cousins BW Family 04BW Family 10BW Family 15 M2 Outtake 01

Awesome Sisters, Awesome Athletes, Awesome Coach | Southern York County Pennsylvania Family Photographer

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These girls are awesome.  They are nice, polite, funny.  They are talented athletes.   I love them!  This session was a gift for their Dad who happens to be an awesome coach.   He has been a coach for my daughter for basketball or softball for the past 3 years.  Here is the thing about their dad, he has done more for my daughter than to just teach her how to throw a ball, steal a base and slide into home.  He has taught her about being a friend, working hard, having a positive attitude and being a good sport.  I am sure that he realizes that he is a role model for them, but to be honest I don’t know if he realizes how much of an impact he has on these girls.  And, I am confident that the girls don’t realize what an impact he has made on them.  Thank you!

Basketball Kendra 02 Flannel 01 Flannel Kayla 01 Kelsey Basketball 01 Softball Kayla 03 Softball Kelsey 03 Softball Kendra 02

Family Fall Session | Southern York County Pennsylvania Family Photographer

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This was a great session.  The weather was questionable for most of the day, but it was a perfect evening for a session.  I am sure it helps that I know these guys, and they’ve been coming to me for the last couple of years for pictures, so it was a pretty relaxed session.  It was so relaxed that the boys even got out their football and jerseys to throw the ball around for a couple more “action” shots.  Here are just a few of my favorites (and I can’t resist a picture of someone being a little goofy!)

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