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Sisters & Friends |Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn & Family Photographer

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This was an on-location session.  Sometimes I stress out about on-location sessions because I don’t know what I am working with until I get there.  It was all good except that we hadn’t even gotten started taking pictures on the second blanket when there was an accident (one of the hazards of working with naked newborns!) Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  Anyway, she was such a little cutie.  She had this thing about sticking her tongue out at me.  It was adorable.  And, she had an adorable big sister, too!  I think they are going to be best friends.

Green 02 Pink & Green Sack 02 Polka Dot 01 Sisters 01 Sisters 02 Sisters 03 Sisters 05 Sisters 07 Tutu 01

You Are My Sunshine | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I generally pick a main color for my newborns sessions and add in some accent colors.  It gives me a little bit of direction and focus.  It is great when you are putting multiple pictures in collages and birth announcements.  Even though we used gray for his session, he was a little breathe of sunshine after a very long winter.  His mom told me that they liked Michigan football and basketball.  We used a pair of his daddy’s shoes with a pair of his first basketball shoes for this one picture.  So cute!

Basketball 01 Gray 01 Gray 11 Gray 12BW Little Feet 02BW

Little Brothers are the Best | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I photographed this little guy’s older brother as a newborn, and I’ve seen him growing into a strong, independent, adorable little toddler.  I feel so fortunate that I know this family.  I see them several times a year, and I look forward to each session.  I am looking forward to watching these brothers grow up together.  This little guy looks so much like his brother as a newborn, but you can tell he is his own little person.  I wonder if they will be similar in personalities, or will they be totally different?  I guess only time will tell . . .

Brothers 03BW Brothers 04BW Elephant 02 edited Gray 01 Gray 06 Gray Fur 02BW Gray Fur 04 Gray Fur 05 Guitar 02BW Tanner 01

Taking on the World | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I love when I get to be creative with a session.  When this little guy’s parents came for a pre-consultation session at the studio I was talking with his dad who said he was a cartographer.  What a cool job.  He said he could make a map to use as a backdrop for one of the pictures.  As soon as he said that to me . . . my mind started thinking about all the different ways I could incorporate the map into the session.  I could use it as a standard backdrop, or I could put it on the floor to shoot from above.  I was super excited.  It was fun because I felt that between the parents and myself we were going to creative something totally unique and personal for their little bundle of joy.  I’m not going to say that I am the first photographer who has ever photographed a newborn using a map as a backdrop, because I think that just about everything has been done in newborn photography (whether a not it was a good idea or not).  But, it isn’t something I’ve seen yet, so that makes me excited, and at the very least, it isn’t something you see very often.

Map 01

Little Boy Blue Newborn Session | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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This newborn session was little more challenging than I had hoped it would be.  Don’t get me wrong, I think his pictures are adorable.  I just didn’t get the variety that I usually like to do.  He was a little bit older at 22 days, so he was very aware that I was handling him and he didn’t want to go in to some positions.  And, he just wouldn’t get into that deep sleep so I could do some more prop shots.  But this is what I loved about his session- he had great eye contact for those awake pictures, he had the most amazing hair, he is so chunky-licious, and what more could you ask for from this cutie.  And, I really can’t complain because he did the basics . . . a couple sleepy pictures, a couple awake and alert pictures, a couple on his back and a couple on his tummy, and 2 bucket poses.  Here are a few of my favorites . . .

Brother & Sister 03 Grant 01 Grant 02 Grant 03 Grant 05 Grant 09 Grant 10 Guitar 03

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