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Pretty in Pink | Southern York County Newborn & Family Photographer

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This little girl arrived a month early!  What a wonderful little surprise and a cute little peanut.  She was 7 days old for her session.  Her mom wanted something sweet and simple with neutral creams and a touch of pink.  This little one didn’t really like to be au natural, and she preferred to be on her back curled up in a tight little ball.  The pictures she was willing to pose for were perfect.  I have no complaints about this little one.  Wouldn’t you agree that she is adorable?

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She’s a Cute Little Poser | 6 Days Old

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This little cutie was full of smiles for her session.  We did a variety of things for her session including lots of family pictures and several different kinds of props.  At first, I didn’t think she was going to cooperate for me, but she did pretty darn good.  I think I LOVE the fireman hat with her smile . . . seriously, I couldn’t not have asked for more from her.  But then, she also allowed us to do the rocking horse picture which was a grandma prop.  And, what session isn’t complete without a baby in a basket or bucket.  So incredibly cute!


Sweet Newborn Baby Girl | 5 Days Old

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This adorable little girl is my niece.  She is so beautiful.  I really enjoyed photographing her.  My plan is to do another mini-session with her before she gets too old for newborn pictures.  I am sure you’ll be seeing lots and lots of her within the next year!


Welcome to the World Little One | Newborn Hospital Photography

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I don’t do birth photography.  I have no interest in birth photography, but I do love hospital pictures.  I don’t normally do hospital visits; however, this little one is the newest additional to my family.  She is my adorable little niece.  I am so excited to meet her!  The lighting was awful.  The first night, it was night time and I did use a bounce flash because there was no way around it.  The next day, I went to visit her and it was a gloomy, over-cast day so the lighting wasn’t much better.  I did not use a flash the next day.  Instead I jacked up my ISO, so my pictures are a little grainy.  It doesn’t bother me because the grainy texture in the pictures feels appropriate for hospital pictures, and I know that no one is going to be enlarging these pictures to a size that it would matter that the pictures are grainy.

Here are a few tips I would give for photographing newborns in the hospital.  Get up close & personal to try and capture those details of the little feet and hands and face.  Try to get the bracelet and the anklet in a picture and remember to get the picture of the newborn in the bassinet with the details written on the card in the bassinet.  Use the blanket to create a backdrop and pillows or a Boppy to prop the newborn.  Try to avoid the busy background.  Take a pictures from over the shoulder if you (or the new mom doesn’t want to be in the picture.)  If you are really interested in any other tips I have you can email me . . . I could ramble on for a little bit if you let me.  I think these pictures are priceless, but then again I am partial since she is my niece.

Sweet Baby Blue | Newborn Baby Boy

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I actually photographed this little guy in August . . . so it has been awhile.  But, he was one of my favorite little guys from last year.  He was so awesome when he was awake (with those big beautiful eyes) and he fully cooperated and we got some adorable sleepy pictures.  These are just a few.

Sugar and Spice | Newborn Girl 8 Days

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This little girl was awesome!  Normally, I do 3 blankets and 2 props for a session.  This little girl let me move her from prop to prop.  We did the nest, we did the brown bucket and the white bucket, and the wire basket of fur!  I love the pink and chocolate color combination from her session.


And recently, I had seen another photographer who I admire post a picture with an inspirational saying on the picture . . . which I’ve done with landscape pictures and other children pictures (including my own children) but for some reason I never did it with a newborn picture.  This is my favorite picture from her session.  I think it is adorable, don’t you?





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