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Teddybear Hat | The Most Requested Hat of 2012

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The teddybear hat from this session is the most requested picture I get from my clients.  And, who wouldn’t want this picture of their newborn baby.  The flower comes off so it works for a boy or a girl, but it is most requested for a girl because people see it with the flower.  I’ve done it on a variety of backgrounds colors, but the creamy background is my favorite.  It is so simple & clean, and of course, cute!


Everything Nice | Newborn 4 Days

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This little girl was a dream to photograph.  She was the perfect little model.  She was a big baby and she was only 4 days new.  She slept most of the time, and she let me do a bunch of different prop pictures.  These are just a few of my favorites!  Isn’t she beautiful?!

Sweet Thing | Newborn 8 Days

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This little girl was a beautiful, chunky-licious sweetheart.  I love the pink and orange hat because it was one of my very first props that I bought when I decided that I’d like to do newborn photography.  And, this cream colored flower is one of my favorite headbands because it is so simple, and it goes with everything.

Sweet Lil’ Smile | 7 Days

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Newborns are very unpredictable and each one has a personality all their own.  I can never tell you exactly what will happen during a session.  There are certain things that can increase the chances for a successful session, but a successful session is a relative term.  Some clients have a very specific picture that they’d like to get of their newborn which is fine if their newborn is cooperative.  Some newborns don’t like certain poses.  Other clients will tell me to do whatever I want to do which are usually the sessions that are the most successful because I just take my cues from their little bundle of joy and go with it.  This little guy had lots of smiles, and this is something that you could never plan.  I always feel like I’ve hit a jackpot when they smile for me, and I am right there with my camera to capture it.  How sweet!

Let’s Be Friends | 7 Days

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This precious little one is the newborn little girl is the sister of one of my very first clients, and her family has had several sessions with me.  Can’t wait to do their next family session with everyone!

Pretty in Pink (and Brown) | Newborns 12 Days

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This little girl was the sweetest!  Photographing newborns when they are awake can be challenging at times because it isn’t always the most flattering.  A lot of newborns tend to look cross-eyed for the first couple of weeks, but this little girl had some amazing awake pictures.  Doesn’t she have the most beautiful set of eyes?  I love the pink/brown combination.  It is one of my favorites.


Sweet Lil’ Boy | 9 Days

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I photographed this little boy a couple weeks ago.  His mom is a teacher and her class got her a gift card for a newborns session for her end of year gift.  What a wonderful idea!  He took a little bit to find his groove, but once he settled in for the session, he did great.

Adorable & Awesome | 11 Days

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This adorable little peanut was awesome for his newborn session. He was 11 days new. If he would have stayed asleep for the entire session, we probably would have been done in 2 hours, but he woke up to spend a little time socializing in the middle of the session. Once mom got him back to sleep, he was all business. We accomplished a lot with his session!

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Cute Lil’ Peanut | Newborn

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I generally recommend that newborns are less than 2 weeks old when I photograph them. Why? Well, they are still pretty sleepy which makes them easier to pose in those cute little pictures. They are much easier to work with when they are sleepy. A newborn who is awake isn’t usually into having someone fuss with them. A newborn session will generally last 2-3 hours depending on the newborn. This little peanut was 1 month old when her mom called me. We scheduled her session ASAP. And, she was awake for the first 2 hours, but then she fell asleep. She wouldn’t let me do all the poses that I wanted to do with her, but she did let me get this one . . .

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