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It is Heating Up at the Studio | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn & Family Photographer

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Under Construction PBW

When I purchased 12 S. Main Street to be the new home for Pictures by Whitney, it was also an opportunity to take a neglected building and take care of it.  Obviously, that means there will be times when a little bit of TLC is required to keep modernize the building, but also preserve the character.  Last year, there was a new roof and lots of brick repair and a fresh coat of paint and new gutters/drainage.  Many of you know that the heating system is a pre-1929 steam boiler system.  Perhaps, not the most efficient heating source. Let’s not forget to mention that it didn’t have central air-condition which is a must have because it is situated on a busy road which means the windows are letting in cool breezes and photographing during those summer months!  So, the new heating and air conditioning system are going in this week.

Here is some of that character . . . radiators.  Part of the contract includes removing them, but I want to keep them even if aren’t functioning. I guess I am sentimental that way.



Here are a couple pictures of the attic space which has 2 sides to it (as you can see from the doorway in the one picture). The one side is what I would consider partially finished, but the other side is not.  That new heating and air-conditioning unit take up a lot of the unfinished space in that little room.  It is almost like someone knew at some point in time that that little room would need to be there in the future.  I look forward to utilizing the partially finished side because now it will have heat and air conditioning!



Construction 01Construction 02Construction 03


And, here is a picture of the pre-1929 steam boiler system. I also told them to let it sit in the basement. I have no plans for the basement, so what would it hurt for the old steam boiler system to sit there and tell a little piece of the the buildings story. And, there are the units sitting out back.