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Something a Little Different | Southern York County Family Photographer

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I had fun spending time with this young lady.  It was a little windy and chilly, but she didn’t complain at all.  Her mom basically let me do whatever I wanted to do from picking out the outfits and the locations.  I did a little something different for this session when I edited them.  Normally, I try to get the picture perfect in the camera and I spend just a little bit of time making little adjustments to make a good picture just a little bit better.  This time, I spent a little more time editing the pictures to make them a little more shabby chic (or at least that’s what I am calling it.)  As a business person, I know that you need to keep your product consistent . . . but as an artist, it is fun to do something a little different and a little creative every now and then.

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Spring Flowers & Birthdays | Southern York County Family Photographer

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This beautiful big girl is such a sweetheart.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her over the last year and a half.  Our first session was a family session, and I’ve done her pictures for her last two birthdays.  The day of this session, we also did an extended family session (I didn’t get a release from the rest of the family so I can’t share their pictures right now.)  We only did a handful of pictures, and I think they look great.  Happy birthday!

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One Chillin’ Family | Southern York County Pennsylvania Family Photographer

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It was a very, chilly April morning for this session!  It was nice that the sun was shining.  I wish that everything was a little more green.  It looks a little more like a Fall session rather than a Spring session.  But, I loved the location . . . this is one of my new favorite location to take pictures.  I love the color scheme for the outfits . . . blue and yellow.  I love that they coordinated, but they weren’t too matchy, matchy.

Sharp Dressed 2 Year Old Lil’ Man | Southern York County Family Photographer

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I think photographing toddlers and preschoolers is a challenging task.  They are so incredibly cute, but they are often uncooperative.  Some will allow their parents to offer encouragements and rewards (aka bribes of candy and toys.)  It can be somewhat limiting when you are doing a studio session.  Sometimes, it is easier when they can be outside to explore, but we don’t live in one of those climate that is conducive to outdoor session in February.  I must say that this little guy did well for his session.  I know he probably had a lot more smiles, but he wasn’t sharing a lot of them with me . . . maybe next time.  I thought he was one sharp dressed lil’ man.

Purple & Pink & Fun | Baltimore County Family Photographer

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This little girl rocked her session!  Sometimes a 2 year old can be a little more challenging to photograph, but this little girl was a dream.  She did 3 outfit changes, and she had tons of smiles.  She was so animated and full of energy.  Her mom is always prepared with lots of cute clothes, and props.  All I need to do is show up with my camera and a couple backdrops.

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