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Welcome to Pictures by Whitney! My name is Whitney Marzullo. I am a custom newborn & family photographer based in Southern York County, Pennsylvania. I love everything photography, but my passions are newborns & families. I love photographing families & watching them grow. I believe that you don't need to have a special occasion to have a session, because every day is a good day to capture a smile!

Family Summer Session

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Wow! I think we did this session on one of the hottest nights in June. They are such a nice family. The little girl who just turned 4 years old was a character! She was great. And, her little sister was just 8 weeks old which can be a difficult age to photograph. I am hoping to see them in a couple more months, because I think it will be a lot more fun when the sisters can interact a little more with each other!

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  • Harper 01
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  • MaKennah 01
  • Mommy & MaKennah 02
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The Big Picture

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I’ve read a lot of photography books over the years, and I also follow several different photography blogs. There is so much to learn about photography. And, learning photography is a process. It takes a lot of practice which is true of any profession or hobby. A lot of people enjoy taking pictures, and they want to take better pictures. Yet they don’t want to make it their profession, and they aren’t necessarily interested in making it a hobby. So, how do you take a better picture? You don’t need an expensive camera, because it won’t necessarily make your pictures any better without some knowledge of basic photography principles. An expensive stove won’t make a delicious meal without a recipe or some culinary skills, and an expensive pair of running shoes won’t help you win a marathon without lots of hard work and training. My advice for better pictures? Where do you start? Learn the basics of composition and take lots of pictures to practice, practice, practice. I think this makes all the difference in taking pictures. Then, if you want to take it to the next level, my advice is to read your manual to learn what all those settings on your camera, and learn to take pictures without using your flash. One of my favorite books is Mamarazzi by Stacy Wasmuth. This book is geared toward taking pictures of your children, but she covers everything from cameras, posing, lighting, location, composition, and so much more. She gives you the basics, and you can always do more reading and research on any one of the things that she covers in the book.

Adorable & Awesome | 11 Days

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This adorable little peanut was awesome for his newborn session. He was 11 days new. If he would have stayed asleep for the entire session, we probably would have been done in 2 hours, but he woke up to spend a little time socializing in the middle of the session. Once mom got him back to sleep, he was all business. We accomplished a lot with his session!

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  • Brown 03
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  • PPictures
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  • Monkey Business 01
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Cake Smashin’ Cutie

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I love this little guy, but he really isn’t all that little. I have loved photographing him this past year- his newborn session, his 6 months/first Christmas session, and now his 1 year session. As far as cake smashing sessions, they are pretty unpredictable. Some babies jump right in, and others need to be persuaded to smash the cake and get into it. This little guy wasn’t quite sure what to think about it, but after a little coaxing he got into it. Although when he was done, he was done! This little guy loves the beach, so I added a little personal touch to his cake. Check out the cute little fish on his cake.

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  • Jack Cake 01
  • Cake 02
  • Cake 04
  • Jack Cake Collage 1
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  • Jack Cake Collage 1-004
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Cute Lil’ Peanut | Newborn

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I generally recommend that newborns are less than 2 weeks old when I photograph them. Why? Well, they are still pretty sleepy which makes them easier to pose in those cute little pictures. They are much easier to work with when they are sleepy. A newborn who is awake isn’t usually into having someone fuss with them. A newborn session will generally last 2-3 hours depending on the newborn. This little peanut was 1 month old when her mom called me. We scheduled her session ASAP. And, she was awake for the first 2 hours, but then she fell asleep. She wouldn’t let me do all the poses that I wanted to do with her, but she did let me get this one . . .

A Beautiful Morning | Class of 2013

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This young lady was such a pleasure to photograph. We did the pictures bright and early at Nixon Park. The weather was absolutely perfect. A little humid, but since it was so early you couldn’t really be bothered by it. The sunlight was awesome. I think that most seniors think I am interrogating them, because I love to hear about their plans for their senior year and future plans.

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  • Rachel on the Bridge 01
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  • Rachel on the Fence 04
  • Rachel on the Fence 04BW
  • Rachel on the Stone Steps 03BW