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Welcome to Pictures by Whitney! My name is Whitney Marzullo. I am a custom newborn & family photographer based in Southern York County, Pennsylvania. I love everything photography, but my passions are newborns & families. I love photographing families & watching them grow. I believe that you don't need to have a special occasion to have a session, because every day is a good day to capture a smile!

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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I have had the privilege of photographing this little girl since she was born.  I generally get to see her several times a year, and I love it!  I will admit her mom made me a little nervous because during the process of the planning the session, she said several times “well, we’ll see she is 2.”  I love the color combination for this session.  This little girl was was awesome.  It took her a little bit to warm up, but once I brought out some balloons, all was right with the world.  Well, until we tried to dress her up as a mermaid.  I didn’t think that picture was going to happen, and it wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, but it is cute.

Balloons 01 Balloons 05 E3 E11 Wagon 01E21

Big Smiles @ Wallace Cross Mill Mini-Session | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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It is hard for me to believe that I just did her newborn pictures a couple of months ago.  Time flies by so quickly.  Photographing a 3 month old is no easy task.  Most of them are just starting to focus and they are still working on controlling those crazy arms and getting stronger and stronger to hold up their heads, but this little was awesome!  So much fun to see her growing up.

Blog Brown Mini

Thankful Thursdays | Southern York County Pennsylvania Newborn and Family Photographer

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Today I am thankful for my inbox.  How sad would it be if I didn’t have anything that needed to be done and if no one else needed me to do something for them?  When I got my first job, I would be completely stressed out because I wanted my inbox to be empty.  There would be days that I’d see the bottom of the inbox and I would be giddy.  That lasted for only a couple minutes.  Then one day, my boss pulled me aside and said to me, “Your inbox will never be empty, and there will always be something on your to-do list.  It’s okay to have some things in your inbox and on your to-do list.  You can only do one thing at a time.  Just organize and prioritize and reevaluate.”  It was valuable piece of advice.  There are days when I think about everything that I need to accomplish, and I feel like I will never be able to make it all happen.  And, you know what?  I do make it happen.  I just stop myself.  Take that deep breath.  Then I organize and prioritize and reevaluate.  One task at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time.  It is good to busy.  It means I have a full life.

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